Government Procurement and Contracting Services

Creating Opportunity & Managing Risk In Public Procurement & Government Contracting

Whether you are a Buyer in a private sector organization or a Procurement Officer or Materials Manager in a public sector organization, Requests for Proposal (RFPs), Invitations to Tender and a myriad of other instruments and tools are the lifeblood of your operations. Mandatory requirements; rated or discretionary requirements; Statements of Work; Standing Offers; Call-Ups; Contracts; and the list goes on. What do all these have in common? They are labour intensive, riddled with legal risk and governed by principles of fairness, equal treatment and trade regulation. Robert Nadeau has advised and consulted to PWGSC, Treasury Board, AAFC, and many other federal, provincial and municipal agencies on procurement requirements, evaluation and bid challenges.

If you are a supplier, contractor or consultant looking to bid on public sector contracts, your tools are MERX, Tenders, Proposals, Teaming Agreements, Subcontract Agreements, Project Plans, Joint Venture Agreements, and the list goes on. What do all these have in common? They are labour intensive, riddled with financial risk and opportunity, and often downright scary. Robert Nadeau has advised and consulted to a number of Global 500 as well as Small-Medium Enterprises on bid responses, compliance issues, teaming and subcontracting, and contract award challenges over the last 12 years.

We understand procurement and government contracting. We know the rules, the essentials and optionals. We know what you need to do to structure RFPs and Invitations that will work for you while managing risk. You don’t need to “gold plate” your requirements. The KISS principle and Occam’s razor both apply here. We know how to help you structure winning Proposals, Teaming Agreements and Subcontracts to enable you to respond effectively and in compliance with mandatory requirements and how to maximize point-rated scores. We know how to counsel you on “Bid/No-Bid” decisions and how to represent you when the evaluation of your Proposal has been flawed or unfair. Give us a call on a free initial consultation basis. Let us work for you.

  • Advisors to Government and Private Sector Clients (MERX)
  • Sourcing & Procurement Strategy Development
  • Drafting and/or Review of Solicitation Documents (RFPs, ACANs, etc.)
  • Mandatory & Rated Requirements Analysis
  • Legal Review of Trade Agreement and Policy Compliance
  • Supplier Proposal Drafting and Review
  • Teaming , Prime-Subcontractor and Joint Venture Agreements
  • Evaluator Orientation & Instruction
  • Independent Verification & Fairness Review
  • Debriefing Preparedness & Contract Award Analysis
  • Challenge Review & Representation
  • Procurement Workshops & Training