Registered Patent Agent in Atlantic Canada

Kerr & Nadeau is a Canadian patent and trademark agency serving Atlantic Canada and beyond.

Have you developed a new innovation? Whether you’re not sure how to secure a patent, or you’re an experienced entrepreneur with one or more patents to your name already, we can help. 

Patents (and other forms of intellectual property rights) have become important strategic weapons in the arsenal of many growing, innovative enterprises. A patent gives you a competitive edge:

  • It can help establish “barriers” to entry into your patent‑protected invention by preventing others from using or in any manner exploiting your invention;
  • It can help you negotiate financing;
  • It can be licensed, traded and sold;
  • It can enhance your cash flow and profitability by generating licensing revenue for the use of your patent;
  • It can increase the sales value of your business in a merger or acquisition.

A patent is granted to you by the Government of Canada. It gives you the right to exclude others from making, using or selling your invention. Your Canadian patent applies within Canada for 20 years from the date you file the application. Generally speaking, the patent application is available to the public 18 months after you file it. Patents cover new inventions (processes, machines, products, compositions of matter) or any new, non-obvious and useful improvement to an existing invention.

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