Chris Hughes

As the Chief Executive Officer for a UK and US multinational Corporation, I chose to use the services of Robert Nadeau from Kerr/Nadeau because of previous experience with the firm. Robert acted as our virtual in-house counsel for eight years. This was the best solution for the Company. Robert was introduced to my senior management team who were each given access to the multitude of services required by each member of my team. Without exception, we were all impressed with the efficient, professional and attentive service we were accessing on an as needed basis. Regardless of the task at hand, Robert provided timely and invaluable support and advice. Through all of the work provided, I can safely say we covered off many areas of the law and I was never let down, Robert not only delivered but he gave his all. What I personally enjoy about working with Robert Nadeau, is that he understands business and often provides his legal advice and then offers to discuss this with the business imperatives that of course need to be considered. I have not found this with any other lawyer ever. Anyone considering the services of Robert Nadeau, should consider the virtual in-house counsel to see if it would work for you.

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