shApp Incorporated

Calling a lawyer to discuss employment matters is never easy. You're already stressed and entering an area you know little about and don't know who to trust to guide you through what feels like the end of the world. Let me say, my expectations were not just met, but Mr. Robert Nadeau easily exceeded them. My first call ended up being 45 minutes long, and instead of getting the usual 'I'll need you to come in for a paid consultation', Mr. Nadeau gave me everything I needed to sleep tonight knowing I had taken an important first step... and that he was there should I want to reengage him. No pressure. No risk. Just a genuine offer to help if I thought I wanted it. I don't know if I'll need the services of a lawyer to resolve my predicament - but if I do, there's only one person I will be calling. And one guess who that is. Thank you for your time, insight and instruction, Mr. Nadeau.

Suzanne Cyr Lise Sarazin