The Home of Kerr & Nadeau

One of the joys of our practice is that we get to travel the length and breadth of this magnificent country. And, if that didn’t give us enough opportunity to see the various corners of our land, we find any other excuse we can to visit the cities and the villages, the bustle and the solitude of this Northern expanse we love and call home.

This section of our site has little or nothing to do with the law in a direct sense, except that (in our humble estimation) a love of the land and the practice of law seem somehow very complementary. Who would not want to see this majestic Dominion a prouder land because of the stature of its justice?

Share with us our memories of snow and ice, of rock and sea, of industry and solitude, of the thousands of surprises and contrasts which make Canada so difficult to define yet so easy to love.