Representing Employers & Employees for over 32 Years

Representing Employers & Employees for over 32 Years

Robert (“Robaire”) Nadeau, J.D. has been representing both employers and employees on employment-related matters for over 32 years.

Because Robaire represents both employers and employees on such contentious matters as wrongful dismissal claims, disability and accommodation claims, harassment allegations and enforcement of restrictive covenants (such as non-competition and non-solicitation clauses in employment contracts), he enjoys a strategic advantage over lawyers who represent only “management-side” or “employee-side” litigants: He knows their playbook.

Robaire was Senior Counsel at Digital Equipment Corporation (Canada) for 12 years during which he was the company’s in-house employment lawyer representing the corporation on all H.R.-related matters, including hiring and employment contracts, poor performance and progressive discipline plans, harassment allegations, terminations and wrongful dismissal claims. At one time, the corporation had 1700 employees and contractors working out of its manufacturing facility in Kanata, Ontario. Robaire has seen it all.  Call Robaire for a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.



  • Are your employment contracts bullet-proof?
  • Do you know how to reduce your business’ exposure to excessive severance pay?
  • Are your employment contracts compliant with Bill 148?
  • Is your non-competition clause enforceable? Your IP protected?
  • Do you have an employee claiming accommodation for a disability but no supporting documentation for medical leave?
  • Do you have an employee on disability or maternity leave but no job for them to return to?
  • Has an employee made an harass-ment claim against one of your managers or another employee?
  • Do you have a “problem” employee that is not doing his or her job? Refusing to follow policy? Missing work on a regular basis or engaging in inappropriate conduct?
  • Do you have to let somebody go for financial or for other valid business reasons? For misconduct? Do you know what severance to pay?
  • Are you buying or selling a business and aren’t sure how to deal with the employee transfer issues?



  • Are you applying for a new position and would like your job offer reviewed?
  • Are you feeling bullied at work by your boss?
  • Has the work environment become so toxic it’s causing you to miss work because of the stress?
  • Are you being asked to do work you never signed up for?
  • Are you being sexually harassed at work by a manager or co-worker?
  • Have you been given a performance review or improvement plan you believe to be unfair?
  • Have you been unjustly terminated from your job?
  • Is your employer claiming it dismissed you for cause and refusing to pay severance?
  • Do you need a professional opinion on the amount of severance offered?
  • What does that Release mean anyway?
  • Are you free now to start working for a competitor?