The Firm

At Kerr & Nadeau our job is to de-mystify and to simplify the rules for you, to offer you sound professional advice and superior legal services that will enable you, whether you are an inventor, an entrepreneur or a corporate executive, to execute your business plan, to protect your legal rights and to realize your strategic objectives while mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. Risk is the bane and Achilles heel of most business enterprises, and the single greatest obstacle to achieving your mission critical goals. We have adopted a business model at Kerr & Nadeau that puts us in touch with our clients. We believe the best way for us to serve you better is for us to know you better. Each of the partners at Kerr & Nadeau has over 30 years of relevant, accomplished legal experience, with a rich array of clients.

We are an IP-centric business law boutique with expertise in IP, IT, Corporate-Commercial and Government Contracting.

In addition to our Intellectual PropertyTechnology Law and Business Law practice, we offer “virtual counsel” services at reduced rates on a variable-hour/month retainer model to SMEs as well as to Global 500 organizations that see the value of our services but do not require full-time in-house legal counsel. Any privately-held IT business organization with 12-15 employees/contractors or more, $2M in revenue, that processes multiple transactions and is routinely faced with multiple requirements for negotiation, contract drafting and/or review, employment-related issues and regulatory compliance, should seriously consider our “virtual counsel” model as a cost-effective, risk mitigation/ executive support strategy; moreso if the organization has IP and pursues contracting opportunities with federal government and other public sector clients.